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MacBook Touch Concept [Video]

MacBook Touch concept :

will be release soon according to apples’s latest news and rumors, so we decided to share this amazing video with all of you concerning MacBook Touch.

MacBook Touch:

MacBook Touch will be a very very cute, our expectation that apply will make a great jump at the technology world using this

MacBook Touch Vs The last MacBook:

Also we want to remind all of you with the last MacBook photos to facilitate the comparison with theMacBook Touch, here you will find the photos concerning the MacBook Touch,

MacBook Touch

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Apple is having trouble catching up to Samsung in China

Apple’s iPhone is now available on the second and third largest carriers in China, China Unicom and China Telecom. Both carriers combined give Apple access to 34% of China’s whopping 988 million mobile users. However, like in any market, Apple is competing for those sales.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, quoting Gartner, Apple’s iPhone is having trouble gaining marketshare in China, while Samsung’s lead has tripled…

“I don’t expect Apple to replace Samsung any time soon,” Gartner analyst Sandy Shen said in an interview. “China Telecom is the nation’s smallest carrier, so the extent to which they can help Apple is quite limited.”

Apple began selling the iPhone on China Telecom last week. The Cupertino-based company currently sits at 7.5% marketshare, while Samsung sites at 24.3% marketshare. So why is Apple so behind as the fifth carrier in China?

Apple, unlike Samsung, isn’t selling its iPhone on the nation’s largest carrier, China Mobile. China Mobile currently has an astounding 655 million subscribers, that if Apple partnered with, would give them a huge boost.

The next iPhone has been rumored to be compatible with China Mobile, due to a new Qualcomm chip that has launched. The new chip may give Apple the ability to put the phone on all three China carriers.

China has proven to be a huge emerging market. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made it a point on the company’s latest earnings call that it was aggressively attacking China.

Samsung’s lead in China isn’t inductive of sales in other parts of the world. Apple is studied to be the top smartphone manufacturer worldwide, selling 37 million iPhones last quarter. That’s not to mention the 15 million iPads it also sold.

Perhaps Apple can make some gains on Samsung later this year, but for now, Samsung continues to hold a steady lead in China.

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Comparison: Apple’s New iPad vs. The Competition

Apple defined the tablet computer with the original iPad just two years ago. And now, with their latest iPad, they have pushed boundaries that nobody has pushed before – and not only usability boundaries, but technical boundaries as well, such as their inclusion of a Retina display.

After the original iPad had launched, something truly amazing happened: dozens of companies who didn’t give a rat’s ass about tablets just months before suddenly decided it would be a good idea for them to create one. Of course, as any of these companies would tell you, that had nothing to do with the fact that Apple had just released what would become one of the most popular devices of all time.

So, let’s fast forward. How are these companies who suddenly stumbled upon the idea of tablet computing faring today? I think Apple’s domination of the tablet market says it all. Nevertheless, in the spirit of “me, too!” gadget makers, enjoy the below chart assembled by Redmond Pie showing how the new iPad stacks up to current and former offerings from many different manufacturers!

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Samsung Gets Defensive, Compares Galaxy Note 10.1 to New iPad

It looks like Apple got Samsung’s attention with the announcement of the new iPad, as the company’s PR folks quickly slapped together a skewed comparison of their upcomingGalaxy Note 10.1 versus Apple’s new iPad.

I haven’t seen the Galaxy Note 10.1, so I can’t speak from experience about how it might compare, but I do find it remarkable interesting that Apple competitors are so desperate to compare their products to Apple’s products. Nothing like playing “catch up,” eh?

While the Note 10.1 does include a more desktop-like user interface and, of course, a handy dandy stylus, it’s unlikely that a bit of cheap paint and a 90′s pointing stick will fare well against the iPad’s exceptional user interface and consistently strong fan base.

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Got an AT&T iPhone? iOS 5.1 now gives you ‘4G’

Ever since T-Mobile and AT&T began touting their HSPA+ networks as “4G,” the debate on the term’s legitimacy has raged on. Regardless of how you feel about the matter, one thing’s for sure: Apple’s finally taken sides on the argument, and the company’s all for it. In today’s iOS update, Cupertino features an “updated AT&T network indicator,” which means you’ll see a 4G icon whenever you’re in HSPA+ coverage. Granted, this doesn’t actually mean you’ll enjoy faster speeds — you’ll just have a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that another G just got added to your screen. Such an action makes us wonder if Apple’s slowly losing its ability to stand up against AT&T’s wishes, not to mention the demands of other US carriers.

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Five Reasons to Upgrade to the The New iPad

Apple just unveiled their new iPad with some pretty impressive improvements! It’s really a fantastic new device. Here are 5 of the main “big deal” upgrades that might help you decide whether or not to upgrade!

Retina Display

This is a biggie. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536, the new iPad packs more pixels than an HDTV. Your text, photos, videos, and apps will look amazing – clearer and sharper than ever before!

Faster Processor

Apple has packed a new A5x chip into the new iPad, featuring a fast quad-core processor and extremely powerful new graphics chip! You’ll be able to game and multitask like never before!

Better Camera

Apple packed the same camera technology from the iPhone 4S into a 5MP rear camera for the new iPad, and has updated the front-facing camera to “HD” quality. The cameras on the iPad 2 were terrible, so this is a welcome upgrade!

No Decrease in Battery Life

This is also a big deal. With a Retina display, a faster processor, and the addition of LTE, Apple is still able to achieve 10 hours of battery life on the new iPad (or 9 hours when using 4G LTE). That’s pretty impressive!

4G LTE Support

The iPad now supports 4G LTE data – it’s extremely fast – up to 73Mbps (versus 21Mbps for 3G). All I can say is WOW.
And finally, the new iPad is priced the same as the iPad 2 before it! Are you getting one?

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You know something is wrong when you have to smuggle iPhones back into the country they’re made

I really wish I could have made this story up but even I couldn’t. A man has been caught smuggling iPhonesBACK into China where they are made. Seeing how sales of the iPhone are strictly sold on the black market as Apple has refused to deal with the demands the service providers are trying to force. Importing them back into the country has been the only way those in China could buy one.

Recently though, Apple has confirmed that it is trying to work out selling the iPhone even after the egg filled launch in which plagued the first attempt.

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The iBed ……. with siri

The iBed ……. with siri


Report: Apple’s iOS accounts for 35% of mobile ad impressions

Apple’s share of the overall mobile market seems to be heading dramatically upward, at least according to inMobi. The company measures how ads they serve (almost 100 million ads deployed each month) are filtered onto mobile devices.

The figures are striking. Apple’s share of ad impressions went from 23.2% in October of 2011 to 35% in January of 2012. At the same time, Android devices declined 3.2%.

That’s a reversal from a year ago when Android was topping the list. Android has also slipped 8.9% to an 11.6% share.

The company also measures the top 3 handsets and they are all Apple products. The Apple iPhone 4, the first generation iPad, and the iPod touch are the devices that view the most advertising.

Anne Frisbie, InMobi’s Vice President and Managing Director, says, “The iOS growth we are seeing may be attributed to the tremendous success of iPhone 4S and iPad in the ecosystem.”

Of course ad viewing is not the same as total market share, but it is an indication that Apple has made a rather large dent in connected mobile devices.

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Windows Phone Takes on iPhone in Photo Speed Challenge [Video]

Hot of the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone Street Challenge, provoked a debate in the comments section, Microsoft has also launched a new campaign to highlight that the Windows Phone is faster than the iPhone to do regular things like upload photos etc.

As you can see in the video below, Microsoft evangelist Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolph bets users $100 that Windows Phone is faster than their smartphones.

In the video below, Rudolph challenges iPhone 4S user to take a picture and load it to Facebook faster than Windows Phone.

Not surprisingly, the iPhone 4S user cannot take the picture faster than the Windows Phone as it has a dedicated hardware button for the camera. While iPhone 4S has a shortcut to quickly take a photo (which the user didn’t know, one of them couldn’t even find the Camera app), it does not allow you to post the photo to Facebook like the Windows Phone due to the lack of deep integration with Facebook like Twitter.

Rudolph also goes on to claim that the Windows Phone is a lot faster than other smartphones to do your every day stuff.

Microsoft seems to be trying hard to raise awareness of Windows Phone, which has received a lot of glowing reviews recently but it hasn’t translated into sales.

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